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My cousin, Andrea Battle, asked me to write the foreword for her launch into the world of blogs, In My Own She has been speaking about getting it right.

There is, in my opinion, “No right”. Getting it right…what is that?

Andrea’s blog, In My Own Voice, will in be real time-love, joy, pain and love.

It looks at love – a friend graduating from university at the age of 70! Gotta love it.

In My Own Voice will explore women and men being scammed out of thousands of dollars, some trying to help mankind, some starving for love, some in the early throes of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease and unaware of what exactly happened or why. Gotta hate what happended, however, you gotta love the knowledge gained so that you and yours will not be scammed.

The blog will let you know that you are not alone. Heard that before? It’s true.

Guest stories from friends and colleagues to strengthen those who read In My Own Voice to smile, frown, cry and laugh.

Through hardship and love, In My Own Voice sustains the inert belief that out of any learning experience-there is always love and joy -it may not be yours today, but keep reading on a regular basis, let those you know, to read also – I know that one day, In My Own Voice will have a story that will be your love and joy!

I look forward to reading, crying and laughing with you In My Own Voice.



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