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Special “shout out” and thank you to my cousin and partner, Pamela George for the Foreword to a Blog!

I used to blog. Not a lot. But, it was often political. Well, then I met “Andrew” and my world changed…

It was an ordinary day and a man claimed to be a friend on Facebook. I did not recognize his name. But, I had over 1500 Facebook friends; soooo, I could have forgotten him. Perhaps a former student, a friend or acquaintance from my corporate experience, or someone in my new home of Massachusetts… He was none of those. I did not know him. I had never talked (texted) with anyone online that I did not know before. I was in “virgin” territory! I was nervous and excited. To tell the truth I was more excited. It had been quite a while since a man had devoted time and energy to flattering me. I am exposing this weakness so other women will understand that we are all vulnerable to someone’s kindness and caring. And, even as I have become an amateur expert on certain internet behaviors, I am still a woman with real feelings, needs and susceptibilities.

I had no idea I was being set up for a “scam” the first or second time it happened. The first was “Andrew” and the second was someone using a Nollywood(Nigerian) movie star’s name.

What actually saved me was not my ability to recognize the scam, but that I was not really lonely or looking for love on the internet. Also, I would never send money to anyone I do not really know or will I accept any packages either. But, they did take up some of my time for weeks/months!!!

We will talk about other scams like Social Security and I.R.S. calls. But, the emphasis will be men scamming women on the internet. I am hoping some of you will share your experiences, too! I will give you profiles and tips on how you know you are being scammed. There are certain things that will be obvious and others not so much. Let us this venture together. Please share my blog with friends and relatives. And let’s do this!!!



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