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Who am I, no, Who I AM 

I am a retired high school teacher and received the Long Island Secondary School Teacher of the Year award from Long Island University in 2009.


I was in the corporate world of advertising sales for 10 years. 


I am a Certified Life Coach.   


I have a Master's Degree in Chinese Studies.  

For over 30+ years I have been a priest of Obatala in the Yoruba/Lukumi tradition.


My Logo - The In My Own Voice logo is part of Andrea – it is my Chinese Name.  It is "An"  a woman with a roof over her head means peace. 


People have reached out to me on the internet and attempted to get me to send them money and/or accept packages ... I got angry ... but, I decided to get even by exposing the "scams" to others.  You know – show the questions, their language, their falsehoods, and other clues to help other people not to be fooled as I was initially fooled. 


I think that one of the things that my grandchildren find great about me is that I have so much world experience. I lived in Taiwan when my daughter was 5 and I've been all over the world and have so many experiences to share with them and everyone. 


I believe that the readers of In My Own Voice will receive valuable information from In My Own Voice and spread the information in it to others. 


In My Own Voice, I send blessings to you! 

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