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I Prayed for You Today

I prayed for you today, gave thanks for your life, wished you the best, asked the heavens to bless with good health and happiness. I sent you good thoughts, surrounded you with hope and faith and love.  I asked your guardian angels to protect you and keep you safe from any harm and to blanket you with joy and contentment and peace and prosperity...

I prayed for you today, I asked that you be guided with the wisdom to make choices to enhance your life and the awareness to make changes that are in your best interest. I wished for you a storehouse of opportunities, the ability to meet your goals, and the joy of your own approval and acceptance.  I wished for you your heart's desire, every need met, every prayer answered, and every dream come true.

I prayed for you today.  I asked that you be prepared for whatever life hands you or whatever you're going through.  I asked that your spirit be strong and lead you and guide you each step of the way down every path you take.  I asked the universe to confirm for you that you're someone very special.  I asked the earth to be good to you, and I asked God to show you His perfect way. 

I prayed for you today.

By Donna Fargo


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